Monday, July 29, 2013


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Medusa And Perseus
her head was his goal
but her gaze cowed his soul
a chill deep in the bone
would turn him to stone

Rosy Red
her rosy red
bent over the bed
a grin In her eyes
such lovely thighs
wriggling her flank
with every spank
and ponytail yank
she kissed my scrapes
and healed them
calmed me
when my anger flared
her breasts became
my first refuge
my orphaned heart recalls
The Loveliest Hearts
the loveliest hearts
find each other,
even in the darkest corners
their light shines brilliantly
one for the other
a wink and a gentle nudge
hide tomorrows lies behind
a mask of innocence
more poisonous
than nightshade

Her Eyes

with a mere glimpse
I fall into her eyes
swimming desperately
for a surface
which is not there
for her eyes lie

Marry Me

You said one day you'll marry me
Of that I have no doubt
We will live and love happily
Thru caviar and sauerkraut

A pixie stood
under a mushroom
waiting for the rain to ease
she liked the patter
but it stirred the dust
causing her to sneeze
Love Was There
love was there
I know it was
the feeling is
hard to fake
But something happened
along the way
and now there is
just this ache
The Mirror Stands
The mirror stands
in the corner
silently observing
the life around it,
commenting on
behavior with
its very reticence

The Last Thing
she was there

it was the last thing
he expected...
and the most delightful
As I pass by
our hands brush
skin grazing silken skin
I raise my eyes
to apologize
and find on your face a grin

Grandfathers Library
dust motes float
in the sunbeams
through curtain pinholes -
grandfathers library is a
long vanished world
of adventure

The Old Church
the roof collapsed long ago,
weeds grow
where the pulpit stood,
yet I still hear
the faithful raise
a chorus in praise

The Crypt
Menacingly crouched among the stones...
moldy angels leer at all who pass
even the dying grass seems cowed

In Love With Love
In love with the idea
of being in love,
but not in love with me,
she spoke the words
I wanted to hear
her only wish, to flee.

Your Touch

you gently touch
my heart and soul
your delicate rushes
revive my senses
flash through my being
the unique magic that is you

Forgotten Garden
My forgotten garden
lingers in the mind;
that time cannot
be expressed
without tears
for the loss of
youthful love
and endless days


if you give me you
and I give you me
we will ever be
from now to eternity

Christmas Day, 2000
Rain fell
onto freezing surfaces
ice built
trees creaked
limbs broke
streets blocked
power outage
coldest day in memory

Sexting and Texting

Sexting and texting
late night phone calls
there's nothing so cruel
as long distance love

Her Face
 Her face is etched in my memory
She's been gone for so long
I hoped it would
be faded now
but that may
never be


Ode To A Grumbling Gargoyle On Her Return From The Colonies

My thoughts return
to the dark insides
where the real me
writhes and coils
The smiles and nods
I greet you with
hide those nasty
roiling boils



Dreaming of you
makes living


autumn's fleeting beauty
lasts a lifetime

Twitter Friends

My Twitter friends
are so many blends
of love and joy
whether girl or boy
they treat me well
like the knell of a bell
so many kind
hearts entwined

Half Remembered Dream

I think of you often
like a half remembered dream
sometimes you're a poem,
with a long forgotten theme


I play your
words on my
lips and tongue,
roll them around
nibble and nip.
Swallow and
beg for more.

I Love You

'I love you',
I murmur
while nibbling
 your lobe.

'I know', you
smile gently
as you slip off
your robe.

I stand naked
before you
stripped bare
of all that I hide
from the world
My pledge to you
is honesty

Holding Yourself

Many young men
spend their teens
holding themselves
in their trousers

We're so afraid
it'll wander off
that we don't let go
for many hours

Dancing by Firelight
(Thanks to Cynthia Sierra [@azdesertr0se]. Her lovely poem was the inspiration for this)

She danced barefoot
in a long white gown
with daisies in her hair
The firelight shone on
her glistening face
I watch her, o so fair.

she turned the
brightness level
of my eyes
up and down,
according to
her mood.

The Milky Way
may fling itself
I will still
love you

In the dark
my fingers found
her mons veneris
Her hand
clutched mine
and held it there
while she
into my throat
If sin is the norm
like puritans preach
then God understands
when we act as they teach

From inches away
she stares into my eye
licks her lips
as if in anticipation,
and rubs her soft cheek
against mine,
marking me
as hers.
Like the egg
on the wall
I'm broken
Only you
can put me
back together
You can,
but will you bother.
Head on
my pillow
I feel/hear
my heartbeat.
Memory of
pain causes
mind to race
heart apace
panic stirs.

The sidewalk
is empty.
Glancing up
a cluster
of cameras
catch the eye.
One swivels
and points at
My plight
the blight
that is you
When silence was called for
I said the wrong thing
Now she is silent
And boy, does it sting

Written by June Sciortino
for Hap Rochelle

Sun casts ever shifting shapes
to dance in the spring breeze
as it edges toward nightfall
and the land of no shadows

I think of you touching me
even innocently
and crimson heat fires my loins.
Side by side, hands linked,
my eyes boast to all who see.

the long loneliness of age
so thankful for her love.
short yet joyous days.

his eyes searched the room
till he found her.
Sensing his glance,
hers sought his.
Eyes locked, that secret,
private smile.
of wrongs
done, and
An awkward
drives a
thru my

I wish more than life
to sleep naked
next to you once more
our bodies enlaced

Dark red lips
Sweet as wine
Share exotic
Taste forbidden
In the reaches
Of your mind

The bitter taste
of solitude
dwells in the mind
Fear an old age
of loneliness
stretching out
Unwelcome tears
unknown fears 
I dreamt of a wind
blowing autumn leaves
scattered on the ground
like my tears,
as I watched you,
cold as a winter day,
and walk away
The sincerity of those
who claim our love
is not to be denied.
We long to have passion
in our lives,
perhaps to soothe our pride

Cowboy and Indian
The joys of childhood
held no fear.

Soldier or trucker
Police or fireman
Our adult world is harder
goes not to plan.


 Minds Eye

In my mind
I hear your voice
as clearly as if
you were
beside me
In my mind
I feel your love
melt my heart
with every

My life has led
from the beginning,
to this time and place.
Practice, and prelude,
for you

My life has all been
a prelude
to you



Purple Martins

Wheeling, diving, flowing,
a shimmering colony
of Purple Martins
by the cacophonous thousands
move as one monstrous being
across the sky.


The people I love most
Those I know I can trust
are the ones who stay close
when I'm not very lovable.





Eyes look but
do not see.
Ears listen,
yet are deaf.
Wings folded,
and useless.
Crouched high on
the building




Immortal prize
Takes the breath
Feel the heartbeat rise
The pleasure slows
As reality fixes
Love ebbs




in a sea of friends,
wishing for you
and youth.
Praying for time,
seeing only
the end of time.
Bitterness almost





Your waist fits
in my arms.
Our bodies match.
I feel most at home
when we're
Our hearts seem
to beat in tune.





I felt your breath on my cheek
Smiling, I turned to see
your lovely face,
realized it was
just a breeze,
and you are
far away.





Nothing matters
since you said
Heaven seemed
short lived.
a blessed
Hell is
or so it




Lost in a
forest of fears,
she struggles
against forces
and emerges
into the sunlight.





She looked at me scornfully
I felt small and angry
The feeling dwells in my soul
Any happiness, she stole
How we treat others is key. 




Why does she not agree
We argue and fight
Through half the night
And then we make up with glee!



Sun kissed shores
Boat shipped oars
Moonlit seas
Salty breeze
Drunken tar
Staggers from bar
Sailors curse
Catch cutpurse.
In the midst of
It may seem better
to never have
but oh
what we miss
if we don't fall in
once or twice!





Walking thru
A leafless forest
Lit by a silver moon
Quiet but for
The rustle of my
Feet in fallen leaves.
Time vanishes
As my spirits lift.


He's all she wants
But then again,
She loves to flaunt
Her other men!





When the lights go out at night
When noises cause a fright
The closet door ajar
From the bed I bolt, and bar
That door, fly back to bed
Ere dead.    




The Night

Wow! The night flew by!
It's too late for me to walk
If I go outside I'll fry
And everyone would gawk.




 Gargoyles and Hedges

From high above
the recessed alcove
the carved creature
eyed the feature
of the hedges down below.

You close your eyes
I kiss each one
Your cheeks want fun
From my butterflies

The longer I live
the less I know
but I have learned to
expect less
and give more
I'm much happier now.




I hear the echo of my life
in the dark recesses of my mind
full of love and yes, of strife
I allow no regrets, even when inclined.




Say something smart
and people will flock to you
they may dislike
but they'll fawn.
Say something stupid
as we often do
your friends will
love you anyway!




You touch my face,
My heart beats faster.
And then I find
You're in my arms.
My fingers roam 
Over silken skin.
Heaven waits 





I wait
For your fingers
Touch lingers



The Dark

Holding back the light
The dark hides the scars
Eager to prowl the night
Gathering in the stars
Blackness my birthright.




The Tout

Where's the tout?
You know, he's stout.
Looks like a trout.
The one with gout.
And the bulbous snout.
Eating the sprout.
He's such a lout.


  1. You are very talented and write on such a rich array of diverse subjects..
    Love the posted picture too ;)